Jason Fong

Hello! I'm a Software Engineer at Google! I work on ads, specifically app ads, specifically app ad campaigns! I love ads, there are so many kinds.


I know C++, Java, Python, SQL, all the usual stuff.


Before working at Google, I spent a couple years at Amazon working on supply chain automation. My team was focused on the replenishment planning of the servers used for AWS. Before that, I was an intern at Amazon.


I attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and graduated in 2019. bs computer science.

You can find most of my school and miscellaneous work on my GitHub.

This is a paper I wrote on racial bias in algorithms.

This is my senior project paper on radio tomography.


In my free time I enjoy lots of things. I enjoy the great outdoors, fishing, driving, gardening, eating, spending time with my dog, riding my bicycle, doo doo doo on my guitar, goin on walks, traveling, watching basketball on tv.

Click here for a copy of my resume.


jason@jnfong.com or blahblahblah@jnfong.com works too